Optimatic TS 06

Every Tooth - Every Run - Every Time
Introducing the TS06 automatic bandsaw tooth straightener.

This latest Filing Room innovation from OPTIMATIC is designed to work in place of the backfeed on a bandsaw sharpener. The TS06 is timed from the feed of the bandsaw sharpener. Each tooth is examined as it passes through the sensor. When a tooth is not aligned properly it will bend it back to correct it. Teeth are examined on each round of the grinder, giving the tooth straightener the opportunity to examine each tooth several times as the saw is processed and make progressive improvement putting the tooth back in line. A standard 5' resaw can generally be processed in 30 minutes.

The TS06 is designed to measure the body of the tooth, just below the grinding burr and just behind the swage or tip. The actual contact point is easily adjustable. It's important to measure the body of the tooth so that we do not cover up problems with swages, shapers, or tippers. - but instead provide them a square, strong tooth to work from.

1. The TS06 has two stations. The first station feeds then measures.

2. The second station bends.

Connection values:
Electrical connetion: 220 V 50 Hz or special voltage
Air Pressure: 1/4″ Gas thread
Air: Minimum 5 bar air consumption, 1 liter per stroke
Saw blade diameter:
Saw Wide: From 80 mm to 300 mm wide or special up to 420 mm
Saw Long: From 6 m in the grinding machine carousel can be integrated
Saw Thickness: 0,7 mm to 2,7 mm
Length: 1350 mm
Height: 1550 mm
Width: 600 mm
Working position: 1000 mm can be adapted to grinding height
Weight: 210 kg