Optimatic Automatic Benches with World-class!

Trees grow for many years until they can be harvested. These resources to get the most aroused a high-performance industry.
Editing a tree trunk is a process that begins in the forest and the consumer, whoever this is, is terminated.The tree is processed precisely as raw material, the end product is perfect.
Nothing is in the processing of wood as important as the cutting performance of the tools that are used. Only with the best level and tension and pull the back of the saw blades are always achieved more performance-oriented cutting Sawing services that meet today's requirements, terms of accuracy and feed speed of the machine.
This fundamental aspect of the sawmill industry is the main reason since years and main interest of Optimatic. Here machines are manufactured, making it even possible to harness the full capacity of sawmills, because only one perfect saw blade offers the best guarantee for the full performance of the whole plant.

Ligna Hannover 2015

(Reference: Holzkurier 23/2015)