Optimatic RSMO 090

One machine, built to uncompromising standards, providing
complete bandsaw benchwork. In one set-up this tool will:
Level, Tension, Pull Back, Set Tires
More uniform saws mean...
Faster Feed Speeds,Reduced Lumber Deviation
More Effective Use of Skilled Staff, Filling Room Coverage for Emergencies / Vacations

Touch screen 12,1 ″

with many different possibilities to choose different working processes and adjustments, to become the ideal result on your bandsaw- blade.


It is possible to memorize the ideal tension shape. Later interrogate and it will be the same shape. In the memory is space for about 200 different tensioning- shape On Status it will show the difference between actual line and perfect- line.

Setting up measuring system zero:

Your choose set zero by limit switches or by tire lines automatically, push only the zero button no manually adjustment.

Setting back- shape on the touch screen:

Choose if you like to take over back shape or tell how long it should be. Decide how many lines on back it should work and also how wide the working zone should be.

Setting saw thickness it is automatically:

Choose it from touch screen for about 10 different saw gauges and also to memorize and interrogate it later again. Also it is possible from the screen how strong the pressure should be stronger + lower - adjustable.

Electro cylinders with potentiometers adjust the rubber stopper exactly for different saw gauges in position.

Video RSMO 090 / 095 
(Reference: Simonds Industries Inc.)

Video RSMO 090 / 095

Connection value:
Electrical connetion: 400 V 50 Hz or special voltage
Air Pressure: 1/4″ Gas thread
Air: Minimum 5 bar air consumpfion, 0,7 liter per stroke
Saw blade diameter:
Saw Wide: From 60 mm to 305 mm / 60 mm to 381 mm wide or special up to 420 mm
Saw Long: From 4200 mm long
Working time: 206 mm x 10 m ca. 30 Min
Leveler tolerance: 0,02 mm - 0,03 mm about 1 thousand of on inches
Tensioning tolerance: 0.02 mm about 1 thousand of on inches to calculated tensioning shape or to the memorise tensioning shape
Tensioning: Different tensioning value adjustable on each tensioning line
Length without Saw supports: 2200 mm
Height: 1540 mm
Width: 1115 mm
Working position: 1110 mm
Weight: 1120 kg