Optimatic KRO 970

The circular saw blade leveling machine is extended to a vertical model KRO 970. This model requires less space was equipped with laser measuring what the editing of circular saw blades with slots and strobes enabled. 1997 Could you use our circular saw as soup bowls? Joking aside, even. Instead offers for our KRO 970 fully automated solution so that they can again become what you use on the saw. A vertical blade drive mount without any blade guide, a non-contact Laser-based measuring system also allows a leveling of circular saws with slots and strobes.

Connection values:
Electrical connetion: 400 V 50 Hz or special voltage
Air Pressure: 1/4″ Gas thread
Air: Minimum 5 bar air consumption, one liter per stroke
Saw blade diameter:
Largest saw blade diameter: 810 mm
Minimum saw blade diameter: 150 mm
Sheet thickness max.: 4 mm
Sheet thickness min.: 1 mm
Processing for Ø 700: Once a judge = 10 Min.
Directional accuracy: 0,03 mm
Control: Microprocessor control
Measurement: Non-contact Laser-based measuring
Length: 1700 mm
Height: 1650 mm
Width: 1100 mm
Working position: 1000 mm
Weight: 850 kg